Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Date

The weather was so nice today. Can you imagine that it was in the 70s? A week ago we were in the low 20's but today the weather was amazing! We can even go out wearing short sleeves!

We didn't waste the nice weather so we went out for a date! Hubby and I went to eat out at the new restaurant called Black Jack's Grill. It was nice being out just the two of us. Andrea was with Nana and Papa while hubby and I were out.

After we ate out, we went to stores to do some shopping. Sometimes, it feels great to be with each other doing things without having to worry of our daughter. We are lucky that Nana and Papa are always there to keep Andrea whenever we feel like having a date for just the two of us.


Dhemz said...

na mau pamo mami...kami wala na jud tawon me kalakaw nga kami lang duha ni goryo....pede pa baby sit? hehehehe....agi ko dire kadali....:)

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