Friday, December 24, 2010

Organizing your Spices

I was doing some rearranging of our kitchen when I decided to check my different spices on our counter. I have tons of different spices. Some I have just used once some are those that I used often. I was making sure that my spices are not out of date. It really helped that I have a spice rack where I put some of my most used spices. I do need more spice racks to accommodate all my spices. Being somebody who likes to cook and experiment with different dishes, I have different spices that is not commonly used in our daily menu. Sometimes I wish that store sells a smaller jar of these spices as I always thought it is a waste to buy a big jar and not use it anymore. Recently though, I see in some stores that they sell spices enough for one menu and that is for me is a really good idea.

Anyhow, if you are having problems with your spices in your kitchen that seems like being scattered around, your solution to this problem is to invest on kitchen spice racks. They are very useful and it will help you in making your kitchen in order. It also make it easier for you to look for the certain spice that you need while cooking. Personally, I will for sure need a wall spice rack when we will have our own home. Displaying my collection of spices will definitely be nice to look at in my kitchen.


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