Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot Spots for Gays

Gay people are fun to be with. I have many gay friends that I hang out with when I was in the Philippines. Most of them are very creative. They are very creative especially when it comes to hair styles, make up, fashionable clothes and more. Actually, one of our gay friends was the make-up artist during my sister's wedding and he did a fabulous job.

Did you know that there are places where gays and even straights can have fun? There are Gay bars that all people can enjoy and have fun. There area also famous Restaurants that you can enjoy good food and great service when visiting places.

If you are planning a trip, checkout Gay Travel Buddy for places that you might want to visit. This website offers reviews on everything including hotels, restaurants and Coffee Shops. It also offers travel advice so be sure to check it out before going for a trip.


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