Friday, October 29, 2010

Any Baseball Game, Any Time

The Author of this post is Darius Boone

I am a huge fan of Major League Baseball, so much so that I don't have a rooting interest in any team. Really, I do not understand why anyone would root for a particular piece of laundry, and it makes more sense to me to love the game and the players and the compelling stories that make the sport the exciting drama that it is. After all, the fact that one team should be rooted for unequivocally like a blind fool really speaks of a kind of sports slavery that should not be dignified by a true and sensible person. If a team fails to perform, why should I support it blindly? It makes no sense, like paying for a pizza that tastes awful simply because it is made in your hometown.

This loyalty is foolish and I choose to follow the baseball team that does its best to entertain me. It makes more sense to not be bored, and this is why I watch the New York Yankees, because they are a team that knows drama. They always make things interesting and always compete to the bitter or sweet end. The New York Yankees are the greatest team in the history of sports. I watch them every night on satellite TV from because there is really no other place to watch every game in high definition.


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