Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shopping for a car online

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

When I first graduated college I started job hunting right away. I realize how hard it was to get around without a car so I decided to go and buy my very first car. A lot of people told me that it was the easiest to find information on different cars online. Since I didn't know a lot about cars I decided to look online for some help. I went to google and typed in buying a car, and I got a ton of websites that popped out. After browsing through many of them and trying to find a reasonable price for a college student that don't have a buy, I ended up finding a 2002 Honda Civic that I really liked. It was much easier for me to browse for cars because I use a rural internet service in CO which lets me surf much faster than dial up. The Civic that I bought only cost me about 3,000 dollars and I was very pleased. I didn't want a new or expensive car because I just learned how to try and I was afraid I would crash it or get into a accident. Also insurance would be too expensive if I got a new car. Not to mention I didn't even have enough money to get a car that costs over 5000 dollars. Ill be using my internet satellite for many more purchases like this from now on.


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