Thursday, August 5, 2010

Educate Yourself on Credit Cards

At the start, credit cards seems to be the perfect solution. It will give you convenience in paying for things you can't afford right away. At the beginning it will sound harmless having a minimum payment of $15 a month but the more you use your card, your monthly payment increases and the more number of credit cards you have the tendency is you find yourself in debt!

There are many people you fell into enormous debt in the USA because of credit cards. It is sad but true. So, educate yourself about the DOs and DON'Ts of using credit cards.

  • Know about annual fee, interest rates, grace period. Shop around and read credit card reviews.
  • Use on emergencies only
  • Pay your debt in full. If not possible, pay more than the minimum amount
  • Limit the number of cards
  • Pay on time
  • Don't ignore credit card bill
  • Don't fall for gimmicks.
  • Don't pay late. Late payment charges can be as high as $25 and late payment can hurt your credit score.
  • Don't throw your receipts until you compare it to you statement.
There are many do's and don'ts about credit cards. The list above is just basic ones. Always remember to check your personal finance before you decide to buy unnecessary things or before using your credit card in unnecessary purchases. People can be in serious debt trouble if they are not careful with their spending habits. If you are in a financial bind, talk to an expert that can help you. You can also join any financial forum to ask questions and talk to people who are experiencing the same financial problems that you have.

Remember there is always help in every situation.


kat-iTravel said...

mao ng wala na jud ko nag CC Lu, maski sige ko tawagan sa ako bank na i-renew ako card...pero di na jud ko kay matintal jud ko...hasta ticket sa eroplano didto nako kuhaon...faet inig bayad kay kung ma delay ka, interest na pod waaaaaaaaa...

bueng man ka Lu, fried chicken diay kay aron undang ug hilak si janjan hahahahaha.

perte nyang laguta sa iring nga kaaway...hahaha

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