Monday, August 2, 2010

DUI Lawyer

Driving Under the Influence for me is a big no no. It is very irresponsible of the driver to drive a car when he is drunk or under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol can cloud your vision and you will become a danger to the road, a danger to yourself and others who are in the road. It is a noted fact that there are many road accidents that are caused by DUI.

Judges are not very lenient when it comes to cases of DUI. They are very stern in giving offenders with high fines and penalties because committing this crime is a social irresponsibility. You put your life and the lives of other people in danger. If you are arrested because of DUI, you need a good lawyer to plead your case. A good San Diego DUI Lawyer can help you with your case. You may contact, Rick Mueller a DMV Guru. He will be able to help you with your case as he is familiar with DUI and DMV Laws. Contact him right away because a San Diego DMV attorney has only 10 calendar days after the DUI arrest to do the necessary things to prevent your driver's license from being suspended. You can also visit to learn more about DUI.


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