Monday, August 2, 2010

Dining @ Lone Star Steakhouse

We can't decide where to eat yesterday. At first we went to a place where Cajun Steamer and Logan's Steakhouse were located. Both of the place were fully packed. I suggested to try Logan's since I haven't eaten there. As we parked, we changed our mind as there were too many people in that restaurant. We were sure that we will have a long wait and we were already hungry.

We decided to drive further and found Lone Star Steakhouse. Dave and I have never tried eating there so we end up dining at Lone Star Steak house. The place was not very crowded and we like the ambiance.

I like the design of their menu.

We ate a lot of their bread. It was so good. Can you believe that after 1 loaf, the waitress brought 2 more! Wheww we didn't finish the bread.

Dave's order. 23oz porter house with double fries (Andrea ate the fries too!)
My order. 11oz sirloin steak with texas rice and steamed broccoli.

We ordered vanilla milkshake for Andrea. Dave and I both had Iced Tea. The food was good and for a change we got great service!


Dhemz said...

gigutom ko ug tan-aw mami...ehehhe!

zezebel said...

That steak look delicious. Nyum.., Nyum...

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