Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nostalgia #10: We are Sisters!

Yes we are sisters!

This was taken during our first trip to New Jersey! My sister moved here in USA 2 years ahead of me. She is the only family member that Dave has not met until we visited them last May 2008.

Noticed our outfits? We are wearing the same outfits.
Just don't guess who is older or who is younger... hahahha

FYI... She is the "Auntie" in the family and I am the "Momsy"


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chubskulit said...

Naintriga ako sa omysy and Auntie hehehe parehong maganda!

Anne said...

dili ikalimod bisan unsaon pagbali bali... same look kaau.

Mom's Place said...

abi nako kambal nimo Lu..pero prettier ka than her hehehehe

Mrs.D said...

hhaha...mamuot sad ta sa comments dire mami....:) juicylicious kau ka ug lips mami...ehehhe!

agi ko dire kadali before hitting the hay...kapoy akong kalawasan woi.

mine is late....:)

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