Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Comedy Worth Laughing At

I appreciate the guest post, Julie Lindsey

I love to relax myself by watching an episode of Everyone Loves Raymond on DirecTV, while stretched out on my comfortable plush sofa. This is my favorite comedy show, and has one of the best set of cast members that I have seen in a long time. Let me begin by saying that I am a mother of four, who works part-time, and has a loving husband, who needs constant attention. So, anything that can relieve me of my everyday stress, most definitely gets my vote. Nonetheless, this show is a smart comedy about a family and their in laws, who actually live right across the street. I enjoy watching the predicaments that the husband, Ray, finds himself in. He is forever trying to get over on his wife, so that he can find some undeserving relaxation, but always seems to get caught. Also, I love his mother's character, because she is always involved in her son's business, including his love life. That alone makes for a great comedy. Even more, I love Ray's brother Robert, who always comes in second place when it comes to his brother, and does not mind making that frustration known to his family. I really love how they express a realistic view of a family in that type of situation. However, this family always sticks together, no matter what the cost, and I believe that is how a family should be. I love Everybody Love's Raymond, and it will always be my favorite comedy show of all times.


Cacai M. said...

naulahi ko mareng..wla ko kakuha krn. sayang but am happy for u. ;-)

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