Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fireworks and 4th of July

Obviously, fireworks are part of 4th of July celebration. For the past years, I never think of buying fireworks. This year is different. Andrea is old enough to perhaps enjoy the fireworks. Off we went to fireworks store.

It was amazing how crowded the store was. What is more amazing to me is the price of the items. Holy cow... it is EXPENSIVE!

I told myself that I will never spend that kind of money only to be blown away! Needless to say we came home spending only $20... yes I know I am cheap!

This all we bought at the Fireworks Supercenter

These are the peeps trying to blow their money

We should just followed them as they bought a lot

Not in a million years will I spend a thousand for fireworks...
so for sure I won't get these freebies


chubskulit said...

I don't even want to spend a hundred for it lol.

Dhemz said...

korekness! mahal kau ang fireworks dire...mau gani kay nag amota rami sa among firecrackers...ehehhehe!

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