Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ceramic Supplies

Pottery is one of the oldest human art-forms, and remains a major industry today. For many people, pottery is a very relaxing hobby. Pottery is a hobby where you can showcase your talent with different creative designs. You can actually get lost in your own thoughts while forming a clay body into a discernible object.

There are many ways to work with clay and make pottery items. There are so many different kinds of clays, there are those that are self hardening and those that need to be kiln dried. You can take clay that has been flattened to a consistent thickness on slab rollers, then place the flattened clay over a slump mold so that the clay takes on the shape of the mold. Or you can use wheel throwing to form the clay into a specific shape on a potter's wheel. A variety of different tools and clays and glazes are needed to complete your product. A ware cart is a handy way to transport your clay objects to the kiln. You will find all of the products you need to complete your ceramic products at AMACO/Brent. This website sells highly reliable products that provide consistent results. Pottery is a hobby that allows you to explore your creative side.

While my kids are too young for pottery classes, there are some great clay products available from AMACO/Brent to introduce them to working with clay. I know they will love the Cloud Clay and I can't wait to see what they can create with it. AMACO has all the tools and supplies that you need for your ceramic and pottery work.


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