Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TCP: Matt Damon Movies

When it comes to Matt Damon, who can forget his role as Jason Bourne in the Bourne Series? Believe it or not after I saw this series I know I have to buy a DVD copy of it because I was sure I am gonna watch it again. True enough, I have watched this series so many times yet I still not tired of watching it again.

Jason Bourne is a trained assassin working for a top secret United States government agency doing what he does best, killing. Jason first gets rescued by some fishermen and has no memory of who he is or how he was found at sea and only has a wetsuit and a device implanted in his hip for clues.

A man onboard the fishing vessel who is the onboard medic cuts off the suit to reveal two gunshot wounds and the device sewn into Jason’s hip. Jason is concerned about who he is and what he will do but the men from the boat give him some money and send him off to find out about the bank account information from the device.

He finds money in different nationalities as well as several passports and a gun with loaded clips in the bank safety deposit box. In trying to find out who he is he uncovers a mystery that links him to several killings as well as the government agencies out to cover-up the truth behind who he is and what he has been used for.

I am a fan of Matt Damon and the last Matt Damon movie that I've watched was the INVICTUS.

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