Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Emeril Live

I love watching shows on Food Network, especially "Emeril Live." Emeril Lagasse is the star chef of the show, and he sure does have attitude! He makes his show a pleasure to watch, since he has such a fun and vibrant personality. I always watch this show on my Satellite TV, which also has great premium movie channels, when I am in need of some positive energy in my life, because Emeril never fails to brighten up my day!

"Emeril Live" takes place in front of a live audience. This is unlike many of the other shows that air on the Food Network. I like that it takes place in front of a live audience, because the show then contains an exciting element. Whenever I watch the show, I am always waiting to hear Emeril Lagasse's signature phrase, "Bam!" The phrase is hilarious. He says it whenever he adds an interesting spice or saut├ęs one of his dishes.

I would categorize many of the recipes that Emeril creates as spicy. If you like mild food, then this is not the show for you! Since I adore spicey food, I am always watching this program for recipe ideas that I can add to my own cooking. Growing up in a Portuguese bakery, Emeril is an inspiration for chefs everywhere. He shows that with hard work, one can achieve whatever he or she wants in life!

Post written by food blogger Candace Studer


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