Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Safety Tips for Parents

Thanks to my neighbor Grace Pritchard for guest posting

With the summer months come a lot of great times for family and friends. One of the most overlooked things in the summer, due in large part to euphoric rise in temperatures, is safety. Staying safe during the summer needs to be on the forefront of the mind of any parent. Whether you're going to venture forward to an adventure by the pool, it's important to consider several tips for having a great, yet safe time.

The first thing to remember is to set your Tampa home security before you go to the neighborhood pool. When you prepare to go outside make sure that the whole family has adequate sun block. Sunscreen comes in a lot of different ratings. Try to look for sun block that can withstand longer hours without reapplying after getting wet. To be safe, ensure that the SPF rating is high, especially for children that have more sensitive skin.

For the adults, it's important not to tan too long. Tanning could be something fun to do in the sun, but many people forget that too much tanning could have ill effects on the skin. You don't want to burn; you want to have just a little color. When looking at tanning lotions, look at options that still provide protection from the harmful UV rays that can burn the skin.

When around the pool area, instruct children and teenagers not to run. Pool areas are often times wet and slippery. Make sure that safety comes first, and that everyone has a good time no matter what the temperature is like.


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