Monday, June 14, 2010

Cooling Off This Summer

We were suppose to go to Dauphine Island few weeks ago for our vacation but because of the oil spill in the gulf, we changed our plans. My daughter Andrea will surely have fun if the planned was pushed through but nonetheless we had fun with our 3-day get away in Georgia.

It has been really hot this last 3 days and the coolness of the water in the beach would have been a welcome relief. Since going to Mobile, Alabama will be out of the list when it comes to going to the beach, I am thinking of going to Carolina to enjoy the warm weather in the beach. I checked and I like their resort. The accommodation that they are offering is very tempting. The unlimited choices of hotels, resorts and vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach makes it easy for me to look for the best golf packages that they can offer. Going to the beach and playing golf in Myrtle will be a grand vacation.

Are you planning to experience the fun in the beaches of the Grand Strand this summer? You can visit and sign up in their website to receive special offers.
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