Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Movie Meme: Brothers

I am the one who encouraged my hubby (Musings of Life) to join this meme and yet I was the one that was not able to make an entry last week. That is why, this week I absolutely need to make one. I am sure that hubby and I will have the same movies because we like the same type of movies.

1. Rain Man - who can forget Dustin Hoffman in this movie? He just performed the role to the T! I actually followed the real Rain man (Kim Peek) because I was fascinated with his life. Rain man is about the love of the brother you didn't know.

2. Legends of the Fall - Brad Pitt is awesome in this movie. Of course, I love the role of Anthony Hopkins too. This is the story about unbreakable bond of being brothers until Sam dies in WWI.

3. Twins - I love Danny Devito's humor. So I am a fan of his. This movie is about being a twin and separated by birth. Twins yet the opposite of each other because of genetic scientist experiment.

4. Stardust - although the brothers are not the focus of this movie, I still want to include it because of its funny moments. Because the king has more than one son, he has to choose who will inherit the throne. Each brothers want the throne so they want to deceive one another (to the point of killing) for the sake of the crown.

Are you a movie fan like us? Join us with The Bumbles every Monday for an exciting Movie Meme.


Dhemz said...

haven't seen 2 and 3 yet....ehehhehe!

laag ko dire kadali mami...joker kaau kay nag vacuum ko...nya nag blog!

sige, catch you lateh...mwah!

The Bumbles said...

That's funny that you did match on a few selections! I should have thought of Twins - that would have given me a theme since we had 2 other twin brother selections.

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