Friday, April 2, 2010

Who's Your Bet?

March Madness! Our eyes were glued on the games which were shown on TV for the past couple of Saturdays and Sundays. We were watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Tomorrow we will be back on our seats watching the games live on TV. There were couple of upsets and of course we were wrong with our brackets (as most brackets are).

Watching the tournament is so much fun. We always pull for the underdogs. So who you think will win the tournament? If you want to bet on it, you better check out the latest picks, latest news and some tips provided by When it comes to sports betting this website is a good source of information. You can even find sports betting tricks and tips in this website. This website has updated news on different sports like hockey, baseball, basketball, football and more. If you are new to sports betting they also provide a guide for new players. Be smart in betting. Learn from the best at!


kittykat said...

happy b-day Mommy Lulu..i missed you..i am so sorry if i haven't been able to visit your blogs like before..hope you still remember me..hehehe

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