Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring and Planting Flowers

I always look forward for spring because I love the beauty of flowers that start to bloom during spring. When I see flowers blooming with its sweet and tempting smell it always brings joy to me. Flowers are just so beautiful that it makes me feel happy and my mood is always light.

We were in the store checking for window boxes that we can buy so that we can start planting some flowers. We are living with limited space so we don't have enough room to plant a couple of flowers, some herbs perhaps and a little vegetables. We decided to buy some window flower boxes so that I can start to grow some miniature roses and some petunias. I will also be growing some tomatoes and pepper which I can grow in pots. Of course, I will be planting some parsley and other herbs too.

I decided to plant some miniature roses because I love the smell of roses. Although it needs more care than any other flowers, the rewarding bloom in different colors and the fragrance it brings will be worth the trouble. Miniature roses need full sun to bloom their best that's why we will be putting our flower boxes in front of our place. If you are interested to plant some miniature roses, remember that they must not be planted too closely, or the poor air circulation between the plants will promote disease. They should be pruned once or twice a year, and dead flowers should be promptly removed. They need a rich, consistently moist soil.

What I like most about flower boxes is the fact that you can experiment planting different flowers. You can plant flowers in different colors. Whichever flowers you finally decide upon with your window boxes will reward you with many months of color and enjoyment. So why not enjoy the spring season and plant some flower that will change the mood in your house?


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