Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Cooking Journey

I remember my Mother telling me " I will feel sorry for your future husband and family because you know nothing about how to feed him". I will always answer my mom with "Well, there are many restaurants out there". I was never a domesticated type. All the household chores are not my favorites. I would rather work 16 hours a day in an office than to be at home. That was just the way it was.

My dad is a good cook and so does my mom. My elder siblings learned from them and not to be conceited my siblings and my parents were always hired to do some cooking during fiestas, weddings and special occasions. For the few years that I lived with my elder brother, I always accompany him when he cooks for somebody. Sometimes I became his personal "taster". By watching him cook, I learned some tricks but I never had the chance to be a "regular cook" because my brother was always there to cook and do things for me.

After many changes in life and me settling down, I was faced with the reality that I will be a stay at home wife and stay at home mother. Without the daily grinds of office work, I was forced to live a normal life of a stay at home wife. I managed our little home including the kitchen. It was not a surprise that I easily learned how to cook variety of foods. I guess it was in my blood afterall! I enjoyed cooking different cuisines and on days that I need a quick fix, I just cook some Quick Recipes. After more than 3 years of being a stay at home wife, I can say that I became a good cook and my kitchen never runs out of food. I still look for new recipes though as it always challenges me to perfect a new recipe. Right now, I am learning and enjoying the new electric grill that we have. We have been eating grilled foods for a week now.


SavvyMama said...

very well said mami...indeed! it is in our blood after! just like you d man ko kabalo tawon ug luto woi...ginoo wala naminyo ug taga dire d jud ko makabalo ug buhat sa balay...saon man jud wala man ta yaya dire...nya d sad ta ka!

sos, maau paka dire da kay maintain ang mangamote nalang ko!

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