Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's in the Mail

After much thought and endless gathering of the necessary documents, I sent my application for Naturalization today. I/We have been dealing with USCIS since March 2006.

With all that we have been through with USCIS, we consider ourselves lucky because we never get any delays with our applications.

Dave first filed Petition for an Alien Fiancee last March 2006 and we got approved without any problems. Then we applied for my Legal Permanent Residency and we got approved in less than 3 months without interview. When we filed for my 10-yr Green Card we also got approved without problems and no interview for less than 6 months. With the backlog of all the applications, we consider ourselves lucky because we always get our papers approved in less than the listed timeline.

This time around, we hope for another luck. I hope that my naturalization application will go smoothly. The average timeline for Naturalization is 4-6 months so hopefully, before the end of the year I can get my US Citizenship.

This will be my last case with USCIS, after this, I won't be having problems with increased fees and other immigration necessities.

Wish me luck guys!


analou said...

Congrats Mommy Lu and I wish you all the luck (lol) for your application for US Citizenship. We are on the same boat Lu. I haven't encountered any problems with regards to all the applications I sent to the USCIS. I am also planning to apply for a citizenship but maybe next year pa cguro.

Dhemz said...

agoy good luck mader earth.....way to go...congrats daan...ehehehe!

agi ko dire kadali luya man nuon ko ug samot woi...sige ko kasab-an ni goryo kay sige daw ko atubang sa PC bisan gadaut...waaaaaa

matog nako mami....tuod katong opp nga "london" gikan to sa

sige, au-au...mwah!

Anne said...

mi finally gikutingting natong imung papeles didto karon. Goodluckkaau sa imung journey diha sa pikas nga kalibutan..hhehhe..

U.S Citizen na jud ka soon. Dili nka taga hanupol... huhu!

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