Monday, March 1, 2010

When Vision Fails

When I was younger ( yikes... I am old now! ), I read a lot. I was addicted to reading fictional novels especially the suspense ones. I always spend my weekend in bed and read. I was very much a homebody and I enjoy the company of my books.

I noticed that my vision change from all the readings that I did. But I never have my eye checked. I know I needed eyeglasses with correctional lens but I was too stubborn. I don't like to wear eyeglasses so I just ignore the signs.

Eyeglasses became a necessity for me especially when I applied for my driver's learning permit. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) won't issue a permit unless I pass the eye exam. So here I am wearing eyeglasses and I am seeing a lot better!

When your vision starts to fail, you better see your doctor right away. The earlier you can have your eye sight corrected the better.


Dhemz said...

tan-awa adik man sa books...ehehhehe...makaduot lagi daw mag basa maghigda mami...mao sad na ako sa una atong HS ko...wear ko ug correctional...

kumusta ang life diha mami? murag wala na lagi ka nag off ka? lol!

karon lang ko ka agi ug otro kay kapoy akong day ug laba limpyo....hay buhay...maka stress ug samot kay walay kita....malas kaau! hheehe....:)

agi ko dire kadali kay sleepy nako...12am na.....sige mami...night night...mwah!

visit sako sa other blogs nimo before hitting the hay....sakit na akong kalikuran...:)

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