Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Movie Meme: The Book or The Movie?

Most of the times, I prefer a book over the movie. I like the book better because it is more detailed.

The Vinci Code.... I like both the movie and the book although the book is more exciting.

A Walk to Remember... I cried buckets when I read the book... I like the book better

The Client ... One of the first books of John Grisham that I read. I was disappointed with the movie. I thought that if you make a movie from the book it should be the same. Of course I was wrong, now I know better.

My Sister's Keeper - I read the synopsis of the book ( I wish I can read the whole book), they are really different. I think I will like the book better.

Gone With The Wind
- One of the novels that I have to read not by choice. It was a school assignment (on my literature subject). I didn't appreciate it much since I can't relate to the "depression era". When I watched the movie ( and living here in Alabama for quite a while) I understand many things and I love the movie!

Which would you prefer a book or a movie? Tell us over at The Bumbles Blog....


hmsgofita said...

I loved the movie A walk to remember; it was sad but hopeful at the same time. It's the only movie I've enjoyed of Nicholas Sparks. You should give Gone With the Wind another read!

Here's my entry

Mama Ko said...

I prefer movie mamilu kay kapoy basa sa libro hehehehe.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

A lot of people agree that they like the version on the book better than the movie of "My Sister's Keeper".

The Bumbles said...

I'm avoiding My Sister's Keeper movie version - I thought the book was terrific and heard they changed the best part - WHY???!!!

Chris said...

i havent seen my sister's keeper yet... and i agree with the client. the books are, more often than not, much better!

analou said...

I too prefer movie. I've seen the A Walk to Remember and I can't help not to cry. A good cry though.

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