Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome Spring

Yay! It is spring already. I love spring! It is for me the best time of the year because the weather is not too hot yet not too cold. It is a perfect time to bring your kids in the park and enjoy the day.

I also look forward to spring because I like visiting the botanical garden. I enjoy the beauty of flowers that are blooming. Flowers in different kinds and color and yes I love their smell. Sometimes, when I am in the botanical garden, I will just sit in one of the stone benches and marvel of the beauty of nature. With the fresh air and beautiful flowers around you, it always feels good.

Last spring, we helped Mom with their garden. We enjoyed it. Actually, last week Mom was able to cut some of the first flower blooms of springs. There are plenty of flowers around their place. One of my favorites is the hyacinth which is planted near the garden benches.

Oh, I love spring. It is a welcome change from the cold weather. If you love being outdoors this time of the year, I am sure you would like to own some stone garden benches for your garden. These benches are really useful as you can also use them as picnic tables. For an affordable and high quality stone benches please check out They also have memorial benches if you needed one. All their products are shipped fast and free!


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