Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dining @ Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant

For Dave's birthday weekend, we dined at Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant. It was just the two of us because Andrea stayed with her Nana and Papa.

We have a few choices as to where to eat but I opted the Mexican restaurant because I was craving for Mexican tacos. I know I can make tacos at home but the taste is just different from the Mexican tacos.

We were surprised at how cheap their food was and we received the best service too. For a change, we got a very nice server. For the past two restaurants that we dined, we receive poor service of their servers.

Anyway, we ordered a special dinner which we end up bringing home more than half of it....

Dave with our food...

Guacamole salad and tacos ( sshhh I don't like guacamole salad)

Special dinner... spanish rice, beans, chili relleno, tamale, chalupa

In the special dinner menu, there were 8 items in it for just $8.95. We ordered 2 so I had more than enough food to bring home!


Dhemz said...

oh lala....kalami sa g order woi!

Paula said...

saran naman. penge!

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WAHM sa Pinas

Anney said...

Bigla namn ako nagutom dito sa post mo! Gusto ko yung special dinner!

Connie said...

This post made me crave Mexican food. I've been wanting to have chimichangas, but can't seem to find them anywhere.


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