Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tax 2009

Yeahh! I am done e-filing our tax 2009. I am really glad that I got my 1099 from IZEA today because that was the only piece of paper that was holding us from filing our tax returns.

I will just wait for 8-14 days for our refund. When we will get our refund then that will be the time for me to file for my Naturalization.

I hope that everything will go smooth as planned!


Mama Ko said...

Yeahhh happy happy joy joy tanan. haaay finally nakatultul ra gyud ang mailman sa lol

Dhemz said...

ka busy sa life dire...eehhehe! can't wait to get our refund too...eheheh!

good luck sa imong application mami..american na dayon!

tuod,I forgot to mention...nag order ko atong lip gloss bato...50 kabuok...mabuang ko...ahahaha!

hala woi..nyapon sako!

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