Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Real Time Web

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There are new technologies that are developed all the time. The web has changed and will continue changing. The web changes because of the demand and to support the demand of the multi million users of the web, real time search emerged! This real time search will be a new search experience for all the web users. Users are positioned to experience this new Web where everything will be seen right away.

For people who are not really tech savvy and doesn't understand how this real time search impacts our web experiences, you need to read the article written by Ben Behrouzi. He is the founder of DotNext Inc & Co-Founder of His post is titled "Real-Time Search – 5 Reasons Why “We” Will Change the Web". In this post, he discusses how real time search change the web, real time conversations, real time media, user generated content, control over content and more.

His post is really interesting and very enlightening. Real-Time search, will render a new breed of search engines that will capture this new value the New Web has to offer. It will be capable of aggregating and rendering results based on what was shared, peoples opinions and conversations. Can you imagine, what people share in twitter and facebook will be visible in this new real time search. It is really amazing how the web changes nowadays.

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