Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Movie Meme: Golden Boy...

When I saw the theme for this week's Monday Movie Meme, it makes me think why Golden boy... then all of a sudden I thought about Oscar dela Hoya and his nick name "The Golden Boy". Then I realized that perhaps golden boy means Oscar.... Anyway it just came to my mind as I am a big fan of boxing.

I am not very big into watching Oscar awards. I always just check the gowns that actresses wear on that red carpet event. And of course, I can always take a peek at it in the internet. The result of the Oscar Awards is for me very surprising as I was almost sure that Avatar will get the Best Picture. I haven't seen The Hurt Locker so I can't say if it deserves it.

Anyway, I like Sandra Bullock's outfit and the way she put up her hair... very simple yet elegant. I also can't believe that Demi Moore is already 47 years old. She still looks so hot! Her dress is almost the same color with her skin..... I am thinking I wonder how many hours did she spent in tanning salon! lol

I will surely check out the movies that were in the Oscar nomination. I am looking forward to the dvd release of The Blind Side and Up in the Air.


The Bumbles said...

Haha - I had the same exact thoughts about Demi!

I haven't seen ANY of the films nominated - but will get to them eventually.

Rossel said...

I've seen The Hurt Locker and I was surprised when it won the Oscar. I like Avatar more, its good graphics and story. Seems Oscar is always in favor of low-budgeted films like the Slumdog Millionaire. But Slumdog is far more good than The Hurt Locker.

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analou said...

I haven't seen the academy award but I read the result on the internet. I haven't seen both the AVATAR and the Hurt Locker but according to a lot of my friends, AVATAR was really a very good movie and before the awards night, they though it will win the Best Picture. Unfortunately, Hurt Locker won......Well, I wanted to see both of these movie soon. Have a nice day Mommy LU and thanks for sharing.

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