Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Movie Meme: Sidekicks

Am I late for this entry? Perhaps.... but I think not

Anyway, been a really busy day for me that I almost forget about this meme. But when I visited The Bumbles Blog, how can I not joined when I love the theme for this week. This week is all about the side kicks and I have a few favorites....

Danny Glover of The Lethal Weapon. Oh gosh! I love this movie. I have seen this movie so many times and yet I am still not tire of it. I still can watch it a few more times.

Sean Connery as father of Harrison Ford in one of the Indiana Jones movie. I just love their scenes together. It is very hilarious and I love it when Sean kept on addressing Harrison Ford as "Junior"

Donkey (voiced by Eddie Murphy) in Shrek. I am a big fan of Shrek movie and I can't help but laugh at the Donkey's role.


The Bumbles said...

You focused on three of my favorites. Sean Connery made that movie so great in my opinion. He should do more comedic roles.

And you are never too late for the MMM - it is there all week long for people to join in.

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