Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lower Your Bills and Save Money

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Winter times are the times that our electricity bill will go sky high. The difference with our monthly electricity bill can easily be detected because our bill is almost doubled. I have an excuse for this sky-high bill. I came from a tropical country so basically I am not used to the cold weather. We have to have our heater on to keep me warm at all times.

After being shocked with our electricity bill, I started researching for ideas to help me save. I gathered ideas on how to conserve home energy use and I gathered different energy saving tips. I found out that we wasted a lot of energy from our window drafts and door drafts. We then resolved this by putting caulking cord in all our windows and doors. Drafty doors and windows can lose a lot of heat and by stopping this, you will save and lower your electricity bills.

Part of the Energy saving ideas that I learned is to use light bulbs with higher efficiency bulbs. These bulbs may cost higher but the fact is, it will last longer thus in the end it is very cost efficient. Since I have used type of bulbs I haven't replaced it for almost a year now.

Lowering your bills means saving money for other use. If you see that you have leaky faucets or other water leaks, it is best to repair them right away. Fixing leaky faucets can lower your water bills by 10 percent. You can also save with your home appliances. If your clothes takes too long to dry in your dryer, clean the exhaust duct all the way to the outside. Clean filter every time you used it as lint build up in dryers cause home fire. When updating your home buy WaterSense labeled toilets, faucets and showerheads to reduce water usage. Also buy Energy-star qualified appliances because it can save you 10% to 50% on energy and water compared to standard models.

There are many tips that you can find at Microsoft Hohm. Visit and learn more with their website and join for free. Once you are a member you can receive personalized energy saving tips with info on how much you could save. Learn how you can reduce your home energy usage and start saving today with Microsoft Hohm!


teJan said...

wew! this is really our problem. our electric bill this winter months draws down our budget a lot!

thanks for sharing!

Avis Brunswick said...

Nah! Saving on your electrical bills is a tough task. Good thing there are many energy-saving tips and gadgets out there nowadays. Also, you could have your solar panels on your roof so, instead of getting electricity from your power contractor, you can always make your own. Though your pockets may not like it at first, it is an investment in-the-making.

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