Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Movie Meme: Highs and Lows

My list for this week's movie highs and lows is just but a few of my favorite stars. I can go on and on and I am sure you won't appreciate it because it is tiring to read long entries.

For more choices please visit The Bumbles Blog.

Cuba Gooding, Jr.
I always appreciate Cuba Gooding's acting. But lately he tries so much to be in a role that doesn't fit him anymore. It seems like he tries very much to be a bad guy in the movie and it doesn't fit him.

Good - Men of Honor
Ugly - Way of War

Nicholas Cage
He is one of the firsts actor that I admired. When I was in the Philippines, I have less access to English movies. The few that I have seen are mostly movies of him. Anyway, when I heard about his troubles in IRS I can't believe it because of his lifestyle. I am certain he earns a lot... it is just a shame that he is in trouble with IRS.

Good - National Treasure
Ugly - Ghost Rider

Will Smith
I fall in love with Will Smith's movies when I have seen him in Bad Boys. Then I started to watch more movies of him. It is amazing how many movies that is under development that he is working on. According to imdb, he has 25 movies under development... wheeww

Good - Bad Boys, Independence Day, Seven Pounds
Ugly - I am Legend

Mark Wahlberg
I just love Marky Mark!

Good - Shooter
Ugly - The Happening


The Bumbles said...

Ooo - I just love Marky Mark too. Seeing him and Clooney together in A Perfect Storm was "perfect" in one way - eye candy!!!

aHmad subahMan said...

great posting and informative


maritz said...

See how you ranked as my EC dropper

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

magaling talaga si will smith..madami din siyang action movie na naging hit talaga..

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