Sunday, January 31, 2010

Should I Change My Web Host?

When I started blogging, I never thought that I will have many followers or readers of my blog. At first it was just my way of sharing the bits and pieces of my life in the USA. My main purpose of my blog was to share my life and the growing years of my daughter Andrea. I assume that through my blog, my family in the Philippines will be updated on what is going on with my life.

After few months of blogging and visiting other blogs, I discovered that I gained many visitors of my site. Then, on some other blogs, I found out that they have different web hosts. I know I use the free one with limited privileges. Then, it dawned on me if do I really need a new web hosting company to host my site?

I browsed online and read different independent reviews of top web hosting providers. I pretty much have an idea of which one to get if I will decide to change my web host. My big question is... Should I change my web host even if it will affect my page rank? What do you think?


blueyes said...

changing your host won't affect your pagerank, its actually changing your URL that will do it. so when you go from a blogspot to a real URL, you start from scratch.

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