Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's Talk About Cars

Cars are necessity here and of course driving one is a must. I am not yet a driver. I should have done it years ago since I already have my drivers permit. My permit already expired yet I didn't learn how to drive a car. Anyway, we are going to start in step one in order for me to learn to drive.

Since we are serious about me learning to drive, we talk about getting a new car. So we checked out some cars online to get ourselves acquainted with car features and prices. First we looked at Chevy Corvette. This car is considered to be the "bang for your buck". Its new launch control system is what makes this car a top consideration for the buyers.

We may not can afford to buy a new bmw m3 or a mercedes benz glk but we enjoyed checking them out. The bmw m3 snug and cozy front seats are really appealing to me. Hubby said that bmw m3 has a stunning v-8 power and exceptional dual-clutch and manual transmissions. The mercedes benz glk on the other hand has a roomy cabin and cargo area. This car offers smooth ride quality. Both bmw m3 and mercedes benz glk are very pricey which of course beyond our budget range. For people who has enough budget for this type of cars, they should check them out because both of them has awesome features.

While checking different cars, we came across Toyota Prius. I like it because of its exceptional fuel economy. But with all the Toyota Prius recalls that has been happening because of the software issue that affect after braking, I don't think I will like to invest in this car.


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