Saturday, February 13, 2010

Address Labels

Everyday we receive junk mails. When I say junk, those are mails that has something to do with different offers from credit cards, to cable tv, to magazine subscription and a lot more. As I weed out through our mails yesterday, I found a mail from St. Jude Children foundation. It is about how we can help if we donate such and such amount. The good thing with that junk mail it includes free address labels.

Some of my friends that sends me cards has their own address labels and it makes me realize that I really needed one. I am sure it will lessen my work when paying bills because I don't need to write our address anymore but rather I would just stick an address label. It will be convenient for sure. I am very tradition when it comes to paying our bills because I prefer paying it through mail rather than online.

Now that I enjoyed using the address labels that was sent to me free, I am now convinced that I need to order a new address label for myself.


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