Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why... oh, why?

We had a great time at Mom and Dan's yesterday. Terri and her whole family (except Kim) are here for a visit. We had a great bonding moments. They played two different games that I am not familiar with. I just watched them while they were playing. The game was funny and hilarious and we all had a good laugh at it.

Andrea was also showing off with her cousins. She was of course the star. Andrea is really a great entertainer especially when it is "bye, bye" time. She will give everyone a kiss and a wave bye bye. If you get lucky (like her nana and papa.. you will get more than one kiss and hug). She will say "I am going.. bye bye".

On our way home, a police car pulled us over. We were over speeding. Dave and I were very disappointed. There were so many cars ahead of us that were faster than us. There was even one who runs on a Yellow light. So, why... oh why did the police officer choose us???? I guess it was just our unlucky night... But still the same it will cost us few hundred bucks for the ticket. Dave never had a ticket in a very very long time.... we have to be careful now, I don't want our car insurance to go up for sure!


Bambie dear ★ said...

oh my, there's always unlucky day.. =(

kathy said...

ayayay! Hindi ka nag-iisa sis, we just paid a speeding ticket last week worth 175 usd... Sayang na sayang ang pera kasi pwede na iyon pang-add sa grocery... Hahay buhay...


analou said...

Ganoon talaga ang buhay Lu. Even if other cars run faster than you, if you drive faster than the speed limit, you are still speeding. Sino ang mas doul sa police dadto nga higayon xa jud ang matikitan. Ako pong hubby nakaticket unya almost 400 US dollar to iya nabayaran then nagschool pa jud xa. Mao jud Lu next time dili na jud mag-over speeding kay super ka mahal sa ticket jud. Mayna na to panglakwatsa or padala sa atong family sa Pinas

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