Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Movie Meme: Chatter

Every Monday the The Bumbles Blog, host of Monday Movie Meme presents different theme for participants to post on their blogs. This week is all about Chatter. Please visit and join us if you are movie lovers like us.

  1. IMDB. This is our main source of information when it comes to ratings, casts and every thing. We always visit this site if we need information about a certain movie.
  2. Redbox. As we always rent our movies at redbox (it's cheap just $1/night), I always check its website before we rent the movie. I like their website because it will tell you the rating and the summary of the movie. You can also reserve online and get the movie in the machine. What is cool also is you can look up certain titles and find which outlet has it. I find it very useful because we can check out first if there is copy available in certain location and it will all also tell me which location it is available. This is very convenient because there is no need to drive over only to find out that there is no copy in the machine.
  3. Monthly Movie Date. Since Andrea can now stay with her Nana and Papa and they also offered to keep her, we planned on having at least a monthly movie date.



hi lu, thanks for the suggestion,heheh. g ingnan naman nku sila to try sending me bulad baya but the post office told them otherwise. hay maghulat nlng siguro ko inig uli nku sa pinas.. may mga bulad man unta ko.gihatag man pud nku hapit tanan sa ako cuzn adtong buntis paku. paet ning gamay ra ug tinda ang pinoy store duol nku. ako kahadlukan pud ug mo dala ko basin ug masangit mi inig balik diri.

The Bumbles said...

I had no idea you could do all of that online with Red Box. I have never used it but have walked past the one in our grocery store many times. Yet another way to fuel our movie addiction!

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