Friday, January 22, 2010

Mommy Moments: New Favorite

mommy moments
Since I have weaned Andrea from the bottle, she doesn't like to drink milk anymore. I was somewhat worried but even how much I forced her to drink milk she will only take a sip or two. I always end up throwing away her milk.

Thankfully, she loves yogurt and yes she can drink a lot of these. Besides the yogurt drink, she also eats the regular yogurt in different flavor.
She also learned to eat a kids cuisine. She loves the corn and she eats the mac and cheese. She doesn't eat all the chicken (she prefers the baked chicken... one of her all time fave) but after she eats most of it, I gave her the pudding dessert.

When it comes to her love for Dora it doesn't changed yet. So Dora is not her new favorite but all time favorite.


teJan said...

Dora girl jud na sya..

award sad panagsa..kuhaa pili lang asay imo..heheh!

ang ako MM tua kang laikka!

♥Willa♥ said...

Alam mo ganyan din sila Kendrick, by the time na inawat ko sila dumede,pati gatas inayawan na ng tuluyan,but lately they learn to love it again bec of cereal.
Dora kasi yung Yoplait bottle kaya siguro fav ni Andrea. :D

shydub said...

Na maayo ni imung Andrea walay pili mamilu, si jake murag dili taga bukid ang inahan kay dili gakaon ug corn. ugma nlng ko bloghop oi tired nku.

Cecile said...

Jacob loves kids cuisine and yougart, too!

Inya said...

Yummy yogurt! Kids really adore Dora so much. Happy Mommy Moments!

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Bambie dear ★ said...

Yeah Dora forver hehe.. meron kaya Dora Milk, siguro kng meron baka mainom nya yun lol.

Happy weekends sa inyo dear =)

Chris said...

great packaging.. im sure if Dora endorses a milk, it will be a big hit too!

pehpot said...

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Ellen Joy Castel said...

Bukod kay Sponge Bob, napapalingon din ni Dora ang baby ko :) Marunong pumili yung daughter mo ah, healthy ang yogurt eh. I love yogurt too :)

Anonymous said...

Dora made the yogurt more appealing. Both you and Andrea are happy bec she drinks more milk. :) Happy MM!

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