Saturday, January 23, 2010

Doctor's Visit

Pedia visits are very important both for me and Andrea. It is important for me to keep Andrea checked about her health and wellness. Our pedia visits always takes a lot of wait time. The group of pediatricians that we go to has so many patients but they are very thorough that is why I like them despite the wait time. While waiting, we are not bored because they have a commercial DIRECT TV in all their waiting lounge. They also have plenty of toys to keep the kids occupied.

On the other hand, when I was rushed to the health clinic during the holidays, I noticed that most health institutions has DIRECT TV Business in their waiting lounge. I have been to few health institution and most of them has the same TV channels in their waiting lounge.

DIRECT TV for Business has a big impact on people especially when it comes to entertainment. Watching shows or programs shortens the customer's perceived wait time by keeping them entertained while they wait.


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