Friday, January 22, 2010

Gift Idea for Hubby

My dear hubby will be celebrating his birthday soon. I have to find something that will be special for him. I am looking for a wonderful gift that he can use. He kept on telling me that he doesn't want a gift from us (Andrea and me). But, I can't let this special occasion to pass by without giving him something special.

Right now, my idea is to give him one of those seiko diamond watches. He doesn't like wearing a watch when he is working but the watch that I have in mind is a Seiko SRL001 Men's Stainless Steel Le Grand Sport Retrograde Date Silver Dial with Diamonds. This watch will be perfect to wear when we go out on date or when we dressed up for parties and such.

I am still looking for more gift ideas. Do you have any suggestion?


analou said...

That is a very nice gift Lu. MY hubby too doesn't like wearing watch but if I gave one like that, I am sure he will not neglect it. Thanks fro sharing.

Janmah said...

nice man ni...kuan pod ay nice...ahmmm oven toaster! lol!

maayong weekend!

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