Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Gift Idea

Sometimes it is hard to think of a wonderful gift that will mean to the person you are giving. In my case, I have a hard time thinking of a meaningful gift for my sister. She has everything that I can think of. She has the capability of buying what she wants. But still, I want to give her something to show my appreciation to all that she has done for us.

I am thinking of giving her a beautiful wall clock. I have an eye on one of those beautifully designed howard miller clocks. I know that if I will give her the Howard Miller Griffith Wall Clock, it will fit perfectly on her kitchen. I also think that a new wall clock on her kitchen will be useful.

If my sister will receive a wall clock from me, she will not be surprise because she knows that I have an ongoing love affair with different clocks. For me, I believe in the idea that there is always Interesting Clocks for Interesting Rooms. I can always find a clock that will perfectly fit a certain space. I still dream that someday, when we will have our own house, I want to have my own grandfather clock. This is one of my greatest dream and I need to start saving for it.


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