Thursday, December 10, 2009

Check-up Appointment

We will be busy tomorrow. We need to wake up early because Andrea has an appointment with her pediatrician at 10:15AM. This is pretty early for us because we usually wake up around 11AM. We need to leave our home not later than 9:15 to make sure that we won't be late with our appointment.

I am sure Andrea will get some shots. I hope she won't be cranky and she won't get sick. I don't want her to be sick because we will have a party for her on Saturday.

Anybody wants to come?


Dhemz said...

weeeeee....I would love to come pero mahal man kaau ang plete sa edro....hahaha....arag mabaklay ang alabama...

happy birthday Andrea!

iya last na ni nga check up ni Andre mami? kayy 2 naman sya...

Laikka said...

happy birtdi two you;) heheh!


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