Friday, November 20, 2009

Something New This Thanksgiving

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Jones Soda. All opinions are 100% mine.


I woke up with the loud noise from our door bell. When I opened our door, there was a green package waiting in front of our door. I already know what it was. It was a package from IZEA. When I opened the box, there was a Tofurky hat, Tofurky and Gravy Soda, and a Thanksgiving Note. They were all wrapped in orange gift wrapping paper. I couldn't wait to try the Tofurky and Gravy Jones Soda because that was the first time that I have seen one. I didn't even know that gravy soda existed. But because I just woke up, I decided to try it later.

After I have finished with all my morning routine, I finally had the courage to try the soda. I really don't know what to expect with this soda. For me a soda is a soda but a Tofurky and Gravy Soda, that sounds weird. The moment has come... I popped the bottle open and made a sip of the soda. It tasted different but the taste of gravy is there. I was like wow! this is indeed a gravy soda!

This soda is perfect for Thanksgiving. If I will buy one for a gift, I will let Dan and Mom Lori try it. They both like trying new things, so I am sure they will be delighted to try this one.

Tofurky and Gravy Soda is especially created for all veg-heads out there. This soda is 100% Vegan. If you are interested to try this new product, order now at! For every purchase of this product, $1 goes to PAWS, an organization that helps animals.

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ShY said...

Na amvoot nlng, maayo ka humana ka suwat

kathy said...

Maau pa ka mommy lulu naa ka ani, ako waz jud kaau oi.. Minus.. hehehhee.. Ibog man diay! hehehehe

Labay lng ko...

analou said...

very interesting Lu. I bet I will like to try this one. Malapit na ang thanksgiving kaya I am sure marami ang bibili nito. Musta na dyan Lu? Okay lang ba? How's the weather?

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