Friday, November 20, 2009

3 Years Ago....

November 20, 2006........ 3 years ago.......

It was the day I was waiting for, I was ready (I think)! My clothes are hung and pressed by my mother. It was neatly hung at the foot of the bed where I was sleeping. All my papers where in order and I am very familiar with it. I reviewed everything that was in the bunch of folders with side tabs for easy access. I couldn't sleep... and I don't want to sleep. I don't want to miss my appointment. After a little doze here and there I woke up at 3am. I took my shower, change my clothes check my papers again and then I woke up my brother. He accompanied me into the main highway. He hailed a taxi cab for me. I was then on the way to US Embassy for my interview.

I arrived there around 430am. Many people were lining up outside waiting for the embassy officers to call us and to fall in line. My appointment was 7:00 am but I was early because everybody needs to be early.

After waiting outside for like an eternity, we were called those that have 7:00am appointments. I presented my identification and appointment letter and follow all the steps. The process seems a blur to me now... All I remember is passing the DS Forms and the stub representing your number.

I know I went through finger printing, initial interview by the Filipino officer asking all the documents and asking all legal papers. Then the endless waiting of the interview with the Consul.... I have friends that has the same schedule with me but they are all done and I am the only one who was not interviewed yet... I started to get nervous but I was praying that I won't be assigned to a strict consul.

Then, my number flashed I went to the booth where the consul was... smiling (but nervous in the inside) ... I was confident and trying to be brave... I was lucky the consul was very nice and he even complimented me on how I arrange my documents....

I boldly asked if I am approved... and he said Yes... I was happy my Fiancee Visa to USA was approved....

3 Years ago.... A nice consul approved the fiancee visa petition... I waited for my visa to be delivered and then fly here to the USA. It was a decision that I won't regret for I married the man that I love and my bestfriend.


Dhemz said...

agoy ka nice ani nga entry.....glad you shared this mami....thanks a lot....hehehe.....3 years ago no? murag dali ra kaau ang panahon....:)

sos mahinodom man jud ko sa ka faet sa mag linya....ako sad buotan pod tong akong consul....ehehehe

happy weekend off nako sa blogging.....this!

ShY said...

Sus kadali ra sa panahon no, 3 years ago nga nagwarawara pa ta sa Manila.

Maayo mn ka mami lulu gikuyogan mn ka imu bro, sus ako solo flight.

Dali ra jd ang pares sa basta kamao lng. Thanks for sharing, hinumdum ko sa akong 3 years ago nga gipangwartahan ko sa taxi driver, bisag ako pa gi lalis intawn, magpabayad jd ug additional 20, ky kini lgeng dili taga manila, nya ako ra pa jd isa. hatag nlng ug 20 aron maghuman.

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