Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Movie Meme: True Grit

This week's theme of Monday Movie Meme is somewhat different but just the same I don't want to miss this meme so I came up with some ideas as to what is a good topic which I want to be seen as a Documentary..

1. Life of a Maid. I have known so many that worked this kind of profession. Some may downgrade them but for me it is a very noble job. It takes a lot of hardwork and patience to do this type of job. I want a documentary of it emphasizing the relationship between the boss and the maid (how they were treated) and how the maid touches the lives of the boss.

2. Ampatuan Massacre - I just want a documentary of this happening even though it is really a shame that it happened. I want to see the different sides of the story and how it really happened. In the documentary, I want to see that justice is served.

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kaye said...

what a sad event (the massacre). It would be nice to see both sides of the story--though I'm sure there is no justification for a massacre. Thanks for stopping by today.

The Bumbles said...

Lulu - I agree that sad/difficult/maddening events should be made into documentaries - it brings attention to the matter so if nothing else, we can learn from the horror.

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