Monday, November 30, 2009

Beautiful Smile

When you have white and perfect teeth you are confident to flash your beautiful smile.

I am not lucky with my teeth. I always envy those with white perfect and well-aligned teeth without cavities. Growing up, I don't think I was trained to take care of my teeth. Teeth health was not a priority to a family like ours. Our priority was to make sure that there is food in the table. So, whatever money we had, we use it to buy food and not to go to dentist for annual check. I remember I had my share of toothaches. I experienced the worst a toothache can gave to a person.

When I got older, I learned to take care of my teeth. I still wish I could afford a cosmetic dentistry. I would surely love to have the teeth like the toothpaste models that we can see in television.

Nowadays, it is easier to achieve a white and healthy teeth because there are dental veneers that are offered in dental clinics. There are misconceptions of having veneers. Some thought that it is time consuming and painful. The truth is .... Lumineers, a porcelain veeners is a very easy way. There is no need for shots, no drilling of sensitive tooth and it can be done in two dentist visits.

Do you want to have a beautiful smile? Find a Lumineers dentist in your area and let the veneers do wonders for your teeth.


analou said...

I just went to the denstist for my second pair of invisalign. Wow, veneers/lumeneers will take effect in just two visit? If I know so, I will surely will give it as one of my option. But I guess its too late now.

I agree Lu nga going to the dentist was not our priority especially if we are born in a poor family. Food is the most essential thing than anything else kahit na pangag nata basta naa lay makaon.

Yami said...

Pareho pala tayo sis Lulu di rin priority ang teeth care while growing up at oo mas importante ang food sa table. :)

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