Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best CD Rates

Having a child means making sure that his or her future will be secure. With today's economic situation, I worry that by the time my daughter will go to college, I couldn't afford to support her. For me, I believe that sending your child to college is a parents' obligation. I hope that by the time Andrea goes to college we will have some stash of cash or enough bank CDs to cover her expenses.

I know that I should start early in saving money for Andrea's college education. Dave and I have decided to open an account for her and slowly deposit an amount every month. Bank has different CD Rates and so far, the bank we are banking offers the best CD rates. I know that every penny counts that is why I have to choose the bank that will give the CD rates.

Are you parent like me who is concern of your child's future? Open and account for your child today. If you don't know which bank offers the best bank rates, visit and you can search for the best CD rates per state. Remember that the earlier you will start saving for your child the better. So, act now!


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