Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thoughts on Modern Relationship

Any relationship in which the people involved have different goals and expectations will not be an easy relationship. Making any relationship work requires a dedication of time and effort, and there are never any guarantees. I am no expert when it comes to relationship but one thing is for sure, I am committed to my marriage.

I do not condemn those that are in poly relationship but I don't encourage them either. These type of relationship is a personal choice, if they are happy with it, then be it! As for me, I will stay with where I am, a monogamous relationship with my husband.

Just out of curiosity though, how can a poly relationship succeeds? Will there be no rivalry among them, as who gets more attention? How can you feel safe and secure with the relationship when there is more than one that you are sharing with? These are tough questions to answer.

If you are open to the thought of this modern type of relationship, you might want to read Split-Self. Split-Self is a new serial put out by F.S. Publishing that reinvents the chicklit genre with wit, humor and a slight touch of cynicism. Split-Self is a novel of a romance between three. Not a threesome, not a love triangle, a polyamorous relationship between one girl and two guys.



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