Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jack and Ate Fe's Visit

Yesterday, Jack and Ate Fe paid us a visit. They were traveling and on their way home to Florida when they decided to spend a night here in Alabama to see us especially Andrea.

At first, Andrea was hesitant to them. It is normal since the last time that she has seen Jack and Ate Fe was early this year. I don't think she recognized them after all this time. After few minutes though Andrea warmed up with them and started showing off her toys and played with them.

It was great to see them both and I am thankful for all their pasalubong. They went to Niagara Falls that is why they brought a souvenir for me from Niagara Falls. They brought a cute hairbrush for Andrea with Andrea's name on it and a bottle of perfume for me.

We did not do nothing special except that we just hang out and eat dinner.

Ate Fe and Andrea

Just hanging out outside China Buffet

Andrea was playing with Jack, she teased him of not giving a kiss


Jac said...

Ate Fe and Jack are so sweet. Happy weekend sis..

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Ka-alegre sab. Kahibalo na diay magpagara si Andrea? :)

nikogirl said...

ihhh that was a blast weekend for sure!

andrea is such a cutie pie!!

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