Friday, October 9, 2009

Mommy Moments : Special Trips

mommy moments

This week at Mommy Moments, we will be sharing about Special Trips. Below are the pictures and some captions for my entry.

@ Helen, Georgia during our 1st wedding anniversary
{We spent our first wedding anniversary at a very nice "bavarian town" in Helen, Georgia. We visited the Ruby falls and explored the little town. It was a great vacation. I was 33 weeks pregnant... a week later I gave birth}

Andrea's first International Flight... going home to Philippines!!!
{We had our first family vacation last January 2009. We had fun although Andrea got sick in the Philippines. It was way too hot for her. On the way to Philippines it was hard for us but coming back Andrea enjoyed the airplane ride better}

@ Mobile, Alabama
{ Andrea just loved the beach. She couldn't wait for the waves. She played with the waves. It was the first time that we visited her Ate Mischa. It was a great family bonding for us }

Second trip to New Jersey
{The first time that Dave was not with us. He couldn't get away from work. We had fun but we miss him and wished he could have been with us}


shydub said...

Kalaagan ba d i aning bataa naliwat gayod sa inahan, bisag buntis hala suroy kaanak lge ug sayo hehehe. cge lng gwapa mn sd kaayo ang imung andrea. hilig jd ni sa tubig ang bata sa kaliwat siguro ni sila sa itik waaa joke lng. nice lakwatsa pics lulu, thanks for sharing. wala pa akoa oi.

teJan said...

ka sosy gud anang inyo first wed anniv oi..heheh ka nice ba diha! anyways, Happy MM day lulu!

♥Willa♥ said...

My boys got sick too during our first few weeks in Manila, not only bec of the hot and humid weather but bec of the water as well.
Andrea at a very young age is already travelled a lot. :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

talagang kitang kita na nagenjoy si cutie andrea sa mga trips. ^_^

chubskulit said...

Oh wow lakwatsera din pala si andrea hehehehe.. sarap magtravel noh MamiLU.. I love the picture in the water, she's gorgeous!

Hope you can take a peek to Our Special Trips

Anne said...

Ka cute pa ni Andreng ani oh... cute kaau...mura na nawad-an ug face...hehehe!

AJu pa si Andrea naka International flight na... heheh!

Dhemz said...

wow very nice ang place sa ilang anniv....ehehhehe.....agoy parehas man diay ta mami....nakanak pod ko after sa among trip...waaaaaa....hahaha...kani laging talaag!

thanks for sharing the pics.....nag kasakit diay si Andre didto? na unsa sya? nag diarrhea? or hilanat?

Cecile said...

halatang nag enjoy kayo sa mga special trips nyo, Lulu :-); andrea is such a cutie!

Bambie dear ★ said...

so cute cute naman ni andrea.. i love her hair, parang sarap hawakan. Nakauwi na pala sya sa pinas... yun din kasi ang worry ko if ever man uwi kami, kasi sudden change of weather and environment baka magkasakit.. at yung airplane.

Anyway, kelan pala bday ni dolly andrea? give my hugs to her

Tetcha said...

Thanks for sharing your family's fun and special trips. I enjoyed looking at the photos.

Chris said...

great trips... its sad that she didnt enjoy Pinas though,... must be the weather and the pollution!!

bambie said...

you have a beautiful daughter. :)

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