Monday, October 12, 2009

Memories of my Pregnancy

Giving birth is one of the most wonderful thing to happen in a woman's life. It is a journey where a woman can feel completeness and wholeness. I know not all women are privileged enough to experience the joy and struggles of being a mother. From pregnancy to birth, all the experiences in between, these are milestones that are worth capturing.

I am one of the lucky ones who is blessed to be a mother. From the time we know that we are pregnant, we are all ecstatic. We wanted to chronicle my journey to motherhood that is why we bought two digital cameras. The digital camera posed as our companion to capture important moments of my pregnancy until our baby girl was born.

I can say that I am a very lucky one. I never experience the usual morning sickness during my pregnancy. It was an easy pregnancy for me. Because I had easy pregnancy, we never thought that our baby will be born prematurely and with some health problems. Thankfully after staying for almost 2 months in NICU, our little girl was healthy enough to come home with us.

During the times that we were waiting for our daughter to come home with us, we already bought different toys for her. Toys, pushchair, baby furniture and other baby gadgets were all ready at home and we were just awaiting for our little girl to come home.

The day she went home with us, it was such a very memorable day. We welcome her in our humble abode with a lot of flowers and other gifts.

All the things above are just a memory, a memory that always gives me a smile whenever I reminisce it. We have been through a lot but everything worked perfectly well. Time flew by so fast... my little girl is almost 2 years old now.... healthy, bouncy, and sassy!


Us said...

And you are blessed with one cutie, pretty Andrea. Swerti jd ni mga kabanahan sa kakita ug healthy nga asawa minus gastos. Datu jd ni inahana tag duha mn digicam.

grace fancubit said...

my last pregnancy , 50/50 ko lu.. My baby died.. tragickau toasa ko.

Dhemz said... are very blessed with a cutie Andre....

korek kaau si tsang...swerti ning atong mga bana kay naka asawa ug mga bisdak...waaaaaa....ehehheh!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You are really blessed.

Kids are wonderful creatures. Enjoy the moment. Soon, suitors will line up :)

klivengood said...

sakto..sakto kaayo nga blessed ka kay gwapa kaayo resulta..gipiyong piyongan lang pag himo si Andrea, nice kaayo resulta hehehe.

BTW..ganahan diay ka boating Lu, di man ko kabalo mubugsay oi..mi try nako, nalipong man hinoon ko sige ug tuyok tuyok, di man muandar..hahaha. gikataw-an tawon ko kay wa jud misibog ang bangka, mi tuyok noon..buang jud..gahig ulo..di mosunod sa akoa nyahaha.

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